Our Delegates

Here are our delegates for the Asian Financial Forum 2018 in Hong Kong.


James Hall

Migration Agent, ANZ Migration Pte Ltd
ANZ Migration Pte Ltd 移民代理

Ivan Chait

Managing Director, IMC Migration Australia Pty Limited
IMC Migration Australia Pty Limited 常务董事

Tony Dormer

Director, Tricor Chew and Dormers
Tricor Chew and Dormers 董事

Victor Jiang

Founding Partner, Sapien Ventures
Sapien Ventures (慧衍创投) 创始合伙人

Elaine Starkey

Co -founder & CEO , studylane
Studylane 联合创始人和首席执行官

Ben Weeding

Buyer’s Agent and Property Consultant, BuySide
BuySide 买方代理及房产顾问\


Adam Goern

Founder, Open Sesame
Open Sesame创始

Vincent Lim

Executive Director, Sumo SIV Pty Ltd
Sumo SIV 有限公司执行董事

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